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The Charmaine Letourneau Scholarship

An educator and advocate, Charmaine Letourneau received the Order of Canada in 2001 in recognition of her work in improving the quality of life for Deaf people.

The Charmaine Letourneau Fund was established to support post-secondary education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Albertans. Ongoing donations from many individual contributors and community organizations continue to support the fund and honour a community leader.

The Charmaine Letourneau Scholarship is awarded each year to a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person who will attend an academic or training program at a qualified institution. In 2007, one award of $1,500 was provided, but number and value of awards may vary.

Priority is given to individuals who demonstrate involvement in Deaf and Hard of Hearing organizations, school or community leadership, commitment to and diligence in studies, and likelihood the program of study will lead to employment or further educational opportunities.

Edmonton Community FoundationEdmonton Community Foundation

To apply for a scholarship, you may contact the Edmonton Community Foundation for an application package. The address is 9910-103 Street, Edmonton AB, T5K 2V7. You may also phone at 780-426-0015 or fax at 780-425-0121.

To donate to this fund, please print and complete the form.

AAD/Rodda Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate or graduate student who is Deaf and who is entering or continuing in a program at the University of Alberta.

For more information about this scholarship, please contact Student Advisor, Specialized Support Disability Services, 2-800 Students’ Union Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7 or phone at 780-492-7269 (TTY) or fax at 780-492-6701.

The Alberta Association of the Deaf Michael Rodda Award

  1. Complete this application form, including financial information section.
  2. Please provide i) transcripts, ii) audiogram, iii) proof of membership in AAD, and iv) an outline of any additional involvement in the deaf community, for more details, refer to the conditions in the award description.
  3. Deadline September 30. Late application will not be accepted.

Please read Michael Rodda Award before you print and fill out the form.